Ein Treffpunkt für Deutsche und Deutsch-sprechende in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
A Meeting Point for Germans and German Speakers in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

        Bridging the Gap with GABS

What is GABS?

German American Business Services (GABS) has been established to assist U.S. companies with business ties to Europe, mainly Germany, and German companies doing business in the U.S., with their daily needs. GABS can help your business with:

·         Accounting

o        Accounting and Audit Pronouncement Implementation

o        Comprehensive Account and GAAP Reconciliation

o        General Accounting

o        International Accounting

o        Internal and External (including SEC) Reporting

o        Activity Based Costing

o        Inventory Analysis and Cost Accounting 

·         Mergers & Acquisitions

o        Due Diligence

o        Integration

·         Financial Analysis

o        Benchmarking

o        Budgeting and Forecasting

o        Financial Modeling

o        Profitability Measurement and Reporting

·         Internal Controls

o        Sarbanes-Oxley Act Compliance

o        Internal Audit and Internal Controls Review

·         Document Translation and Legal and Tax Consulting

Contact us at +1 (651) 235-8770 or via email.


Use our excellent ties to the German business community in the Twin Cities to team up with other enterprises.   

Our Team

Lübbert Kruizenga was born in Germany and has been a Twin Cities residents for more than 10 years. He has 15+ years of business experience with professional accounting and consulting firms in the United States and in Europe. The expertise spans from auditing public and private companies in the U.S. and in Europe as well as domestic and cross-border merger & acquisition transaction support for U.S. and for European businesses.

Areas of Expertise


·         Extensive international business exposure

Our team has been involved in international business transactions and worked on cross-border engagements.

·         Cross-border communications between U.S. companies & European affiliates

We have extensive experience in cross-border communication matters between engagement clients here in the U.S. and their European subsidiaries and business partners.

·         Resolving communication issues in merger situations to facilitate closing of transactions

Communications can be a major road block in getting deals done or coordinate cross-border work. In several instances, our team has been successful in “bridging the gap” to ensure similar understanding of discrepancies through facilitating appropriate communications between all parties involved.

·         Engagement & translation coordination between domestic and foreign professional teams

Coordination of engagement work is essential to serve clients smoothly and effectively. With our European background and business experience, we have ensured that communication between domestic and European teams has supported the client service.

·         GAAP/IFRS reconciliations and  conversions between U.S., German and European entities

Different accounting rules in different countries lead to potential deviations in financial statements. Our team specializes in reconciling the deviations to ensure proper accounting and reporting on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

·         SEC filings and PCAOB compliance issues

During our time auditing public clients, we assisted my public clients with their SEC and PCAOB reporting needs.

·         Managing audit and transaction support engagements and supervising engagement teams of professional staff

In the positions as audit supervisor and manager and senior manager in transaction services, our team has managed small and large client engagements and the various teams of professionals who assisted on the projects.

·         Internal audits in Europe and SOX compliance of multi-national companies

We led and participated in internal audit engagement for private and public companies in the U.S. and in Europe.

·         Post merger integration

Our transaction support experience has been instrumental in various occasions in “getting the deal done” and ensure seamless business integrations.

·         Translation services

Being multi-lingual, our team has been essential in many translation matters.

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